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about us

We are Polish battlefield medics known as “Grupa W międzyczasie”. Since 2014, we have been rescuing wounded Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline. We risk our own lives every day, because weknow that our eastern brothers are fighting and dying for the freedom of the whole Europe. Our tasks are often carried out under fire, at a distance of a few hundred or sometimes even a few metres from Russian army positions. We operate free of charge, also at our own expense. Thanks to your support we are able to finance all of equipment we need for our work. In order to make use of our experience and formalise our actions, we have decided to set up foundation named “Fundacja W międzyczasie” (english: In the meantime Foundation)
The name alludes to the voluntary and volunteer nature of our activities. While time itself plays a key role, in the fight for human life that we undertake every day. However, our mission does not end at the Ukrainian frontline. The conflict has given us the motivation to expand our activities. We want to organise and coordinate humanitarian aid to conflict-affected countries. We undertake to build aid and protection structures, as well as provide specialised training for organisations and individuals who want to help in countries affected by conflicts or natural disasters. For our freedom and yours! “W międzyczasie” Team


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